Tigers Milk

A couple of friends and I decided to venture away from the busy Friday night of Cape Towns CBD, we stumbled upon the idea, after a few beers, to head off towards Muizenberg and go to the ever growing in popularity: Tigers Milk.

We got there just after 19:00 as we had under estimated the heavy traffic on a Friday afternoon, whoever says Capetonians only work from 10:00 – 15:00, is either wrong or right, depending on which way you look at it. We also completely missed Muizenberg and had a slight scenic route to Simons Town and then back to our correct point of interest. By this time, as you can imagine, we were all fairly hungry and rather thirsty. We arrived and took a seat at the window, not to look out at the ocean and be reminiscent, but because the restaurant was packed to the brim.

Our spectacular view, as you can see white is a popular vehicle colour in the Cape.


Our very friendly waiter came and we ordered two double Johnnie Blacks on ice and took in the view in-front of us. We couldn’t exactly talk as we were all seated alongside each other, making communication an impossible feat. The food menu came, they have a small but big enough variety to not confuse you or make you “panic order” (the art of ordering something completely different to what you had in mind due to the luring presence of the waitron coming around the table). The menu is Burgers, Pizza, Salads and Starters. You cant go wrong with whatever you order, the Burgers and Pizzas are a go to option for most though.


I decided to order a pizza, as it was Friday and I don’t care about Banting, Gluten-Free, nor am I intolerant to anything, so the day is irrelevant really. Andrew (flat mate and common indulger in good food) went for a Triple Bypass, he also does not follow the above, nor is he a vegan. And Tayla went for the Grilled Calamari, opposed to the Fried Calamari. We had a really good meal, the atmosphere of Tigers Milk is awesome, there were people of all different ages, cultures, backgrounds etc. It was a perfect Friday evening.

The Classic Bacon, Avo and Feta pizza (spot the Capetonian)
The Triple Bypass

A short little History

Tigers Milk was started by the Harbour House Group, as some of you might know have restaurants in Kalk Bay and The V&A Waterfront, hence why Tigers Milk has such good food! Michael Townsend, the founder of Tigers Milk, has a track record of owning La Parada (Kalk Bay and Bree Street), Harbour House and now Tigers Milk. So it is no wonder it has suddenly appeared on the hippy Cape Town map.

It used to be based in Muizenberg only, on the beach, which worked wonders for it, as it drew crowds from Cape Town and other areas, as it is situated in the perfect location and it was 100% unique to any other place on the coastline.

Tigers Milk has now opened on Long Street, which has the polar opposite feel and vibe to the one in Muizenberg. The one in Long has the same menu, but instead of the fresh sea breeze, you instead get wiff of a mixture between beard oil, car fumes and rollies. It is alot of fun though, they often have specials that allow students and professionals to interact on the same level of intoxication and be able to afford the bill.


They have also recently announced that they are opening near Cavendish, we will see how this one does, or how the others do. It would have been nice if they had kept just the two, as it meant you had to travel somewhere for a different experience, now you can go to Cape Town, Claremont or Muizenberg, so either or will be fairly close for anyone.

See more about Tigers Milk by following the link below.

Tigers Milk

Muzza Out x

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