Latitude 33 (closed down)

As some may know, Cape Towns latitude is 33 and the SONA happened last night in Cape Town. Correctly so, I went to Latitude 33 this morning for a bite to eat, a stone’s throw away from where the drama unfolded last night. This post has got a few mentions of the SONA, in a completely harmless, happy go lucky manner. Enjoy.

I laughed so much last night after watching this new program called “SONA” on Comedy Central, this morning I woke up in need of a really good breakfast to get my day off to a good start. James and I have been heading to Latitude 33 for a number of years, when we sit down the waiter (who is currently an up and coming rap star) does not even bother with menus. It’s nice finding a place where they get to know you on a personal level, it makes you feel comfortable going back on a regular basis.

The wave mural above the extremely good barristers

We sat down, they have televisions in each end of the restaurant playing sport and news headlines. They also have unlimited WiFi for their customers to use and abuse, so James and I watched Jacob Zuma attempt to count to 10, Julius Malema spend a record amount of 15 minutes in the chambers and Lekota getting booted out after raising probably the best point of the evening. Then we also watched some kid tripping over a cat which had some trap music play to the beat of his head hitting the floor, something YouTube suggested.

After having a little chuckle at the people who run our country, we got our food and tucked into the delicious meal in front of us.  I opted for the chicken wrap, which comes with chips or side salad, today was my bulk day (not really) so I ordered chips. James ordered his regular of sunny side up eggs, ciabatta, extra crispy bacon, and a coffee. Quite a good mix for an early morning in Cape Town.

Chicken Wrap, with chips, found in the Lunch section, perfectly placed sunglasses that just make the photo look sick.

They have a decent sized menu, you don’t feel the need to page through tons of different options until finding something that tickles your fancy. They have a simple breakfast, lunch and early dinner selection. The specials are often on a blackboard outside on the sidewalk, which ranges from an amazing breakfast wrap to a chicken sandwich, to steaks and a healthy dose of veg. The meals are good portions, you won’t need to stop via a spaza shop for a Jungle Oats Strawberry Bar, nor will you feel so bloated its a struggle to button up your jacket, they fill you up, leave you satisfied and that’s exactly what they are intended to do.

What makes Latitude so delightful is that they cater to everyone. The food is great, affordable, quick and in my personal opinion, the best breakfast spot in Cape Town. What makes it even more appealing, is that their upstairs is used specifically for fashion. All their clothes are imported from Australia and are limited, meaning you won’t find more than yourself wearing the t-shirt you have bought. It’s not Australian clothing like Cotton On, which is most certainly not cotton, it’s decent and you know it will last more than a walk to the toilet and back.

Selection of limited edition shorts, tees, vests, and jackets

After our meal and having a little peek at the latest fashion trends, we headed back to AAA to crack on with the latest assignment. Having coffee really starts my day, the unwritten rule of NPBC (No people before coffee) applies to me most mornings, when I say most I mean every and when I say coffee I mean about 3 cups.



Where did Latitude 33 come from…..

It was the idea of two good mates, Gareth and Charles, who decided to start a restaurant in the Mother City while they were stuck in Jozi Shore. They wanted to create an atmosphere where you could meet your best friend from pre-school, have a business meeting or simply relax with a good book. And they have hit the nail on the head. People come with their dogs, friends, flings, laptops, suits and ties, wetsuits and flip flops etc. Its a mixture of what Cape Town brings to the world.

Gareth has a chefs background, he worked in some of the top 5 star hotels in South Africa, hence why the food at Latitude is out of this world. Charles is in charge of the upstairs, the little boutique, which was inspired from a trip to Bali. This is evident from the surfing theme that the restaurant follows and is inspired by.  It is called Latitude 33 for obvious reasons….

All in all, if you are looking for a quick R25 breakfast or an indulgence at R95, Latitude 33 is the ideal spot. It also makes you realise that South Africa is a rather incredible and unique place, regardless of who runs this country.

We take for granted what we have right on our doorstep, and instead take to social media to complain about Jacob and our constitution. Exploring Cape Town has allowed me to appreciate what this country has to offer, it’s like no place on Earth, we have some of the best attractions in the world, everywhere you go has an atmosphere that makes you never want to leave and we have a marvelous mountain looking over us. Jacob might be our president, but he certainly is not the reason to hate and disregard the place I call home.

Go outside. Explore. Be happy. Home is Home.

Muzza Out x


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