IYO Burgers (closed down)

IYO Burger (not pronounced like Poohs friend)

After a rather busy day at college, contemplating sitting in traffic or going somewhere for an early lunch was quite an easy option for me, not my wallet, but certainly for me. James and I headed from Long Street, we had always seen IYO burger when they had a food truck but had never bought a burger because it was normally only out during First Thursdays, so our money went elsewhere.

It’s called Inside and You’re Out, their burgers are inside out, and are made with all sorts of flavor-enhancing stuffings. After hearing about their burgers stuffed with magical ingredients, variety of chips, to-die-for starters and a pretty awesome view, we decided to head directly there, avoiding the temptations of the “Best Ethiopian Buffet” staff luring us in with offers that were certainly not food specials and closing our eyes whilst walking past the Yeezy Boost launch happening at Shelflife. We finally arrived, headed upstairs and grabbed the menu we had heard so much about!


Once inside you get a very earthly feeling, this can be accredited to the plants on every table, the fresh air blowing in from the windows and knowing that everything you eat is 100% grass-fed, organic, fresh and environmentally friendly. From the recyclable paper of the receipt to the pencil used and the compostable packaging, everything is 100% Eco-friendly.


The way you order is really unique, you can read about the 4-step process on the board as you arrive, it is rather simple but makes you feel very creative and creates a customer interaction that lets you feel in charge of the meal since you have chosen it using the process. It is rather simple, you get a piece of recyclable paper, write your table number and name(s) on the top and then select the corresponding number to the meal on the menu.

The most important diagram you will see in your entire life

The selection of food is incredible for a place that used to be run from a food truck, if you read the menu below you will jump from your laptop and head straight there. James and I decided to go big, so we ordered to the Pulled Pork Pancakes with Whiskey Honey, Quick Dip Burger and the Whisky BBQ Burger, one burger with curly chips and the other with sweet potato, the one burger with a bun and the other bun-less. There is the option of kale chips for an extra R10, but we not too keen on coming across as too hipster and already had a bun-less burger in the mix.


When people get served bad food they don’t stop talking because they are dreading the next mouthful. When our food came the conversation stopped and then resumed after about 5 minutes. I don’t think the waitress even had time to fetch our drinks and ask if the meal was okay, I actually think James started eating off the plate while she was placing it in front of him. We dosed the pancakes in the whiskey honey and devoured them in record time before our burgers arrived.

The pulled pork pancakes with whiskey, honey….Oh and our plant in the table

Biting into an IYO Burger gives the similar euphoria to biting into a Jam filled doughnut, as you bite into it the inside explodes out creating the most phenomenal sensation and waking up taste buds you never thought or dreamt of having. Pomegranates shaved cashew, cheese, bacon bits and then it was topped with salad and guacamole. I mean.

All of their beers are 100% local and they have a huge collection from microbreweries in and around Cape Town. This is due to their support of local brands and businesses in the same industry.

My bun-less (#stoptheknot) burger with sweet potato chips
Support the Locals!

 Started from the bottom now we’re IYO…..

They have been around for about 2 and half years before moving into their new home on Bree Street, IYO burger started out as a burger truck and was predominantly found during First Thursday and Oranjezicht Market. Jonah and Jean are both really into the environment, so everything, as stated above, has as little impact on the environment as possible. The wood is all FSC – approved, meaning that for every tree cut down, one was planted in its place, they are also dedicated to creating jobs, using local produce and products and creating a friendly, healthy environment that everyone who lives in and visits Cape Town can enjoy.

To see more about IYO burger, follow the link!

Muzza out x

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