The Honey Badger

So over the past few months I had been walking past a construction site in Loop Street, quite close to Shelflife, it looked like quite a big area so I have been looking forward to seeing what is coming to life behind the grotesque plywood blockades.

When the day arrived, I was rather pleasantly surprised, to find a really cool and vibrant hostel and restaurant. Something which Cape Town has been in dire need of for a while. 91 Loop and The Honey Badger had their opening night to which they teamed up with Shelflife and Nike, awesome, and the atmosphere was incredible.

Where the main attraction is in the evenings

91 Loop is the name of the hostel and The Honey Badger is the name of their restaurant. Now, one would expect hostel food to be quite mediocre and not quite up to standard of the Cape Town palette, however the food is of high quality and inexpensive. The breakfast menu is until 12 and then the lunch menu is until late, which I assume is dinner time as well. The hostel has a really good layout , with an outside courtyard behind the reception and the restaurant feels secluded to the hostel, but its not. Next to the reception is a huge board with the weekly activities that Hostel hosts, one this week being First Thursday.




The best mood board I have ever seen!

After college a bunch of us went to go abuse the free WiFi and reasonable prices. The next day we were all taking part in the annual Papsak Open at Riverclub, so some good food was a necessity. Samson was craving either pizza or chicken wings, and conversed with the waitress for about 30 minutes deciding whether the wings were of a “brothers” standard or not. So while he was doing that, Marc ordered the chicken wings, Ayrton ordered a pizza (vegetarian)  and I ordered an omelette with bacon, tomato, cheese and mushroom. The price ranges from R35 for the omelette to R60 – 90 for Pizza, spot who the broke student is (I’ll claim banting). Samson had a slice of Ayrtons pizza and decided to go with his original choice of chicken wings – smart way of doing things. 


The food and alcohol is all locally sourced and organic, making it a proper local restaurant for the tourists staying at the hostel. I must mention, the hostel does not have the usual bunk beds you see in most, they have pods. Booking now. Anyway, the coffee is Deluxe coffee and the menu is simple and changes with the seasons and the “creative inspiration” of Chef Patrick Blackie, and pastry Chef Tsholofelo Modise. You can tell the amount of effort that goes into the food is hard to come by, everything is fresh, tasty and you wish you were staying there and you actually get jealous of the people who are staying there!

THE PODS (from their site, I haven’t spent a night there but I want too)
The catchy reception area (from their site)


After a great meal with good company, we ended off with some Deluxe Coffee and a giant chocolate cookie. You have to get one of these from the small bakery section just behind the bar, also accessible from Longmarket. I have heard some people saying that for First Thursdays this week they going to book a few pods, take part in the hostels activities, head on the normal debauchery path First Thursdays lays for you and then wake up to the best omelette and start Friyay (cringe) morning off with a bang! Sounds like a plan.

For more on 91 Loop and The Honey Badger:

Muzza Out x

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