Potluck to Potbelly

Decided to venture into what some have called “foodie heaven” – the Pot Luck Club. A tapas restaurant that is taking Cape Town by storm, and is generally fully booked 2 – 3 months in advanced. Praying that their food was as wacky and random as their name, admit, Pot Luck Club is rather bizarre.

The Pot Luck Club before getting into the lift into the abyss

We parked and headed towards and got into the lift, once at the top you are greeted by a very friendly host or hostess who then takes you to your table. The handed us the menu and we handed it back and said, “Everything!”. Jokes. I wish. We ordered G & Ts – Fitch and Leeds tonic, obvs.

Whiskey, G&Ts and good food.

They explained to us how it works and what the norm is for a seating of two people (little did they know). The idea is, you pick a selection of tapas – about 3 each – and then write them down on a piece of paper that is given to you at the beginning of the night. The waiter and kitchen staff then plan it so that each meal comes out about 10 minutes after you have devoured the previous one.


After ordering what we felt was efficient enough, we were wondering if it would be the same as Tapas 24 in Barcelona, or better – pfft – but you never know. The following is the photos of our incredible selection. The peri peri chicken was alright, it is hard to make that exciting though and the octopus was alright. But the rest of the selection was incredible and we ended up re-ordering the Fish Tacos and the Burrata Cheese before ordering our dessert.


The Octopus
Fish Tacos


As you can tell, the meal was very filling but very satisfying. I would definitely recommend going again, and again, and again. It was nice going to a restaurant that you don’t actually mind spending a little bit more on the food and service as it was all top notch. Cape Town is becoming extremely expensive and you don’t always feel as if the amount the food costs is worth it and the experience you are getting. At Pot Luck, you pay for incredible food, great service and an experience that you won’t get anywhere else in Cape Town.

Do it. Even if it is once. Just go do it.

A little bit about it

“The Pot Luck Club, situated on the top floor of the Silo of the Old Biscuit Mill on Albert Road, Woodstock opened February 14th 2013. Since its opening day the pot luck has filled 2 sitting’s each night throughout high and low season, running to capacity of one hundred and twenty guests. It has been dubbed the coolest place to be in Cape Town and its success is based on innovative cuisine, served in a relaxed yet edgy environment in a part of Cape Town that has never attracted an evening dining crowd.

Luke collaborated with renowned Cape Town based architect Greg Scot along with some of the city’s foremost art and design personalities.”

Luke Dale Roberts has also founded the Short Market Club, The Test Kitchen, The Saxon and of course The Pot Luck Club.

Get in touch with them:

The Pot Luck Club

Pot Luck on Facebook

The Pot Luck Insta

The Pot Luck Tweets

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