The Dapperest Place In Cape Town

Dapper Coffee Co.

Dapper, a few things come to mind when I think of the word dapper, mainly bow-ties, tailored suits, elegance with confidence boarder-lining arrogance – David Gandy meets Colin Farrell meets Idris Elba sort of vibe.

I have been wanting a coffee shop in town that can compete on the same level as Truth, Deluxe, Shift and Tribe. I was walking up Bree Street in June last year, I was doing an internship at a large ad agency and to avoid having lunch by myself with a fake smile on my face, I decided to meet a friend at Dapper. Since then I have been a few a times, they also have the odd evening party for First Thursdays but that was a complete blur so let’s focus on the coffee, food and cars.

The first thing that strikes you when you walk in, other than the retro cars that are on the showroom floor, is the smell of home brewed coffee and that delicious smell of freshly baked croissants. It is the smell you would associate with walking down a fictional Champs Elysees. What is even better, is that if you don’t feel like sitting indoors, you can sit outside as there is a window section where you can get served your daily pick-me-up (coffee, calm down Cape Town).

The wide array of cars in the showroom (Credit: Dapper)

I ordered a cappuccino, which is brought on a branded piece of wood with a little treat on the side shaped like a mustache. This already makes it slightly better than the aforementioned baristas – a memory that isn’t generic such as a cool design in the foam that is going to be utterly destroyed by my spoon within 10 seconds of the waiter putting it in front of me (I honestly don’t recall any foam shapes, animals or patterns I have ever been served in my life ever – they are pretty cool for about 5 seconds).

If I was a cappuccino this is how I would want to be presented


Because I was interning, I was trying to work for as long as I could throughout the day without having time off for coffee breaks or food breaks. So by this stage I was feeling extremely ravenous – I was about to eat one of the cars let alone order a croissant with cheese and jam. I did not get a croissant with cheese and jam. After seeing the menu that would be like wearing a pair of chinos to gay pride. I went with brioche, bacon and mascarpone. My friend decided to have something a little sweeter and settled with the french toast, bacon, maple syrup, bananas and cream.

dessert for breakfast – basically


The next time I went to Dapper was a few days ago – I was in Bree Street and decided it was a “treat yo’self” day. I had a croissant this time, but luckily for me everything you order has some excitement to it. I had a croissant, they had coffee, both of us left happy.

Bacon, Cheese and the most amazing eggs I have ever had – plus some good reading once you finish your meal

Dapper is an awesome place. It draws the crowds from businesses around the CBD, tourists walking to their next photo opportunity and people who generally enjoy a good coffee with food to match. It is the best coffee cafe I have been to in Cape Town so far – this is based on food, coffee, venue and vibe. It also makes for an awesome place to get some style inspiration as everyone who goes there seems to dress impeccably and could have jumped out of GQ – must be the name!

Website: Dapper Coffee Co.

Facebook: Dapper Coffee Facebook

Instagram: Dapper Coffee Gram

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Muzza out.

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