Yumcious, it’s all in the name

Yumcious, mmm, not the most thought out name I have ever come across – but the baby blue interior and delicious food (which I assume makes you say, “Yum” ?) make up for that.

As you walk in, you are greeted by a throng of waiters wearing bright blue t-shirts and very hip “Yumcious” flat caps. You then have the choice of either getting a menu or devouring the buffet on the far left of the dining area. Who goes for the menu? Psychopaths.

The buffet (known as the KiloTableβ„’ – yes, the buffet is trademarked), good god that looks incredible don’t you think? You know what they say, “If you don’t leave a buffet looking like someone just told you bad news, you didn’t get your money’s worth.” Which is probably why my Friday frown face kicks in around 13:00, Every. Single. Week.

What’s nice about Jenny and her buffet, is that they normally have the stalwarts holding the fort for the regulars (like me) who enjoy piling their plate with pork belly, chicken, chicken strips, baked potato, some vegetables and sometimes a slither of pie if they are feeling a bit brazen – it is Friday lunch after all. However, they sometimes surprise you with glazed pork or lamb shank or a fish option – which makes the brain malfunction a bit and calculate if it can stomach (lol) an extra helping of glazed pork. No, we do not substitute the stalwarts, we add to them.


The above is my plate filled with euphoria. It costs me R 97. R97! That might buy you a flat white with almond milk (we do not say cappuccino in De Waterkant) with a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant for all the plebeians who do not venture to the 250m square area of De Waterkant) from Origin.

Anyway, Yumcious also make an exquisite hot chocolate and the food on the menu is also pretty decent – take a look here.

Thanks to Jenny Morris AKA Giggling Gourmet, for supplying most of Luno with lunch on Fridays.

They are open 8:00am to 16:30pm every day other than Sunday.

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Muzza Out x

If you ever travel to Spain, have a look at the blog about the foodie delights here: Tapas 24

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