Lily’s Restaurant

Saturday morning, after a gruelling workout at Switch Playground, I decided to change the routine a bit and venture just less than a kilometre from the Oranjezicht City Farm Market (or, as local hipsters and vegans refer to it as, OZCF) and go to Lily’s Restaurant.

At Lily’s you will find a wide variety of people consuming the same food, the classic Cape Town jock with a string vest and shorts so tight you start to lose your breath for them, the moms, who although are wearing tights and a vest, have likely never broken into a sweat before, the groups of geriatrics who shout louder the fuller the restaurant gets and then the millennial blogger who takes half an hour to start eating their meal because they couldn’t set up their tripod to get a snap of the cheesecake (me). Cool. Long, unfunny paragraph complete.

Lily’s has a crazy breakfast menu, probably why it is super busy in the mornings (they don’t take reservations, so you need to go as the sparrow is even thinking about farting to get a taste of the brioche finger french toast). The lunch menu isn’t too bad either and they serve pretty decent cocktails, the bar is fully stocked.

The bar (need to work on my caption game)


We decided to have the eggs benedict joined by a cappuccino (or a flat white, as mentioned in my Waterkant post, which is what the cool kids call a cappuccino even though they are totally different types of coffees – anyway).

The EB comes on an English Muffin and is doused in delicious Hollandaise sauce. The muffin isn’t a standard English Muffin, the centre is soft and moist, and just the right temperature – you don’t get welts on the inside of your mouth – and the butter is perfectly melted so add to the moistness of the muffin (oi oi oi).


After the EB, we decided to be a little bit naughty and go for the cheesecake that was death staring us from the counter behind us. It literally forced itself onto our table before being pounced upon and gorged by two forks not nearly big enough for the portion size my stomach wanted.

Cheese and cake. Cheesecake


Tummies full.

Some pointless information:

Lily’s is owned by the MD of the Kove Collection, Paul Kovensky, and the restaurant is named after his daughter – Jessica. Jokes. Lily. The interior was designed by his wife, Simone, and she did a rather splendid job. The floor to ceiling windows give you an awesome view of the ocean and the extremely fit Moullie Point locals going for their routine runs while you stuff your face with a cheesecake. Encouragement.

Their fab website:

Lily’s Restuarant

Lilys Social Media:



Muzza Out x

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