Lekker Vegan

So, recently I decided to try something new and cut down on meat, as mentioned in my previous post – with this, I have indulged a bit by going to some of the well known vegan establishments in Cape Town. New kid on the block, Lekker Vegan,Β has a well-known rep and I had high expectations.


We went to the one on Kloof Street, it has a really nice layout with seating inside and outside, and the decor is super trendy. You order as if you are at a fast food restaurant, by either grabbing a small pamphlet menu and taking a peak or by looking at the boards above the waitron helping you out.

The day we went, they had a special which got you a half Messy Gatsby and “chicken” nuggets for only R 105 (normally a half gatsby is R 99 and the nuggets R 40), so that was an absolute steal.

We sat down, had some vegan water, and then waited for the gargantuan plate of food that awaited us. When it did, we were nervous yet excited, it was going to be a challenge. The chips were sticking out the sides, the salad was spewing over the plate and the Fry’s Vegan beef strips were waiting to pounce on all my arteries.

The lip bite is a sign of nerves plus hunger.

The overall experience was okay, to be honest, the food was extremely filling (you probably can get away with having a half of a half) and the Gatsby was tasty but could have been better. The chips and salad are amazing but I am not a fan of Fry’s and if I had known that they used their product as a filling, I probably would have had the burger instead. But, it is “gourmet fast food”, and I guess for a fast food joint it was good. The service is superb, the restaurant is very clean and the atmosphere is great – I just wish they used a different meat alternative to Fry’s.

But, if you are not accustomed to vegan food and feel like giving it a bash, it is definitely a good place to start!


Lekker Vegan social antics:



And of course, their menu in full detail:

The vegan gourmet junk food

Peace out x

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