Seaside Sundays in Cape Town

So, lately, I have been having it in Cape Town. The past few weeks have been a total rollercoaster of an adventure. We (Alyssa and I) started to become vegan/vegetarian, we got vouchers for Atlantic Outlook, we went to two Kirstenbosch concerts, we went snorkeling, and we basically moved into the OZCF.


Our first adventure was snorkeling. I had been diving before, about 8 years ago, when slipping into a wetsuit was quite a breeze and I was too young to really know about fatal shark attacks and that you look like a chubby seal to great whites. Nonetheless, Alyssa is a diver, different from snorkeling, and is aiming to do her dive masters this year (2019). So one of us was accustomed to the freezing water and splashing about the kelp, the other lost his breath putting on a wetsuit and very nearly thought he was too hardcore to dive without a full wetsuit (the hat thing that prevents your brain from getting frostbite). Luckily I wore a full wetsuit. The experience was incredible. The instructors from Into The Blue in Sea Point were really helpful and experienced.

On the boat ride alone, to Strawberry Rock, where we snorkeled, we saw Southern-right Wales, three types of dolphins, seals, penguins, sunfish and a pod of tuna.


The seals, Cape Fur seals to be exact (I am now an oceanographer), are playful and friendly (as you can see if you follow that link – shameless plug to our travelgram) and you can see why people call them “the dogs of the ocean”.

We spent about 40 minutes in the ocean, which was possibly one of the best 40 minutes of my life. The water was crystal clear, the seals were jostling for attention and the views from the snorkel spot were incredible.

Playful pup
Hello there

This was my first real taste of the ocean for about 4 years, and I thoroughly regret not being more active in it. After our snorkel, we went to the OZCF and bought some lunch and did a little veg shop for the following week.

We also booked for a kayaking session with Atlantic Outlook, which has a small office space in the parking lot near the market. We ended up getting 3 vouchers each and we went for our first kayak the Monday evening, which was superb. The water was still, it wasn’t too hot and the sunset was breathtaking. It made me realise that I am exceptionally lucky to have been born in Cape Town (thanks mom). We went for just over an hour, paddling from the Waterfront to about half way to the Mojo Market and back. We saw a seal eating an octopus, which a very excited SUP boarder exclaimed, “That seal is eating calamari!”, and a gigantic sunfish.

We will very likely go in the mornings for our next two vouchers, as dolphins and whales are normally seen in the mornings. So Cape Town mornings are going to get extremely more active for this new water baby.


I would highly recommend doing the kayaking and the snorkeling. Cape Town is a city were taking advantage of the outdoors opens so many windows of opportunity to live a more holistic lifestyle and appreciate getting out of bed a tad earlier.

Check out our adventure Instagram for more content about the above: Soul Seakers.

Until next time!

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