Two gems in Cape Town

This whole vegan lifestyle can seem tricky to some people, however, if you look at it in terms of a lifestyle change it actually isn’t that bad. It’s not all eating lettuce, getting dreads and doing beach clean-ups every weekend. It might sound very cliche, but I have become far more appreciative of food, health and being more holistic in terms of the actions I take. Far more appreciative of food, not because you need to check everything you eat, but because when you cook it is actually quite exciting to see what you can make from certain plants. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of making turmeric sweet potato fritters. For some reason, I have become way more “outdoorsy” in Cape Town than I have ever been.


Living in Cape Town makes it a lot easier being vegan, so does being vegan with a supportive partner, and because there are so many options in Cape Town to eat vegan meals – nothing has changed. I probably eat out even more than what I used to. Two firm favourites are Plant and Scheckters Raw, probably the very first places any “newbie” to going vegan tries out.

First, Plant:

The menu is perfectly sized, it’s not a short story and you have a bunch of great options to pick from. We normally get a cheeky starter (dim sum or avo on flatbread) to share followed by a main. The quesadilla and the nachos are fabulous and highly recommended.


How can you not like the look of this? The quesadilla is made with vegan cheese and the dough is quite sweet, it melts in your mouth and makes you want to never order a quesadilla from any other establishment in your life ever again. The dim sum is great as well, the spicy sauce that comes with it packs some heat but they also give you normal soy sauce if you aren’t feeling brave that day.


Scheckters Raw

Scheckters makes delicious food, it is quite expensive, but you definitely pay for what you get. Their meals are all full of flavor, the service is great and goes with their vision: “We want to share our passion for delicious, wholesome food that nourishes, sustains and inspires people to lead a happy and healthy full life. One healthy meal at a time.”

They make these doughnuts that, I think, have been hand made by whichever God vegans pray to. They disappear before 2pm, people rush to get them, people fight for them. I don’t have any photos of them because I always eat them before I even think about taking a delightful picture to share with the universe.

Breakfast, you have to have a Maca Waffle.

Lunch, either the burger, the falafel or the wrap orΒ you can have all 3. I mean, it’s veg, right? Nom nom nom. The curry wrap is made with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, baby potatoes, fresh coriander, cumin, organic turmeric, served on a whole wheat wrap. The burger has a vegan patty (vegetable protein, lentils, brown rice, oats, flax seed) and is served with smashed avo, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, BBQ mayo sauce, served with sweet potato fries and vegan aioli. The falafel balls are served on a salad with chipotle mayo. Pure indulgence.

Desert, doughnut. Obviously.


Anyway, I am getting an Uber Eats from one of the above.

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Cheers x

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