I’ve started this blog as a little something to do in my spare time. I enjoy eating out, there’s not too much rocket science behind this. You won’t find the latest political news or which Kardashian sneezed on Wednesday evening. I work in marketing, so I decided to link my marketing and digital passions with another preoccupation of mine: eating and drinking. I went to Mexico in 2015 and took part in a few cooking courses which urged me to follow my passion for food, even more, and this blog was born.

This is just a casual blog about the different types of restaurants, cafés and bars you can find in Cape Town. Specifically the CBD area. If I travel abroad, I may add some cool places I find in certain areas. If I cook a meal, you might find it here as well.

I do not edit my photos, I prefer to show everyone exactly what it looks like and what they will get when and if they go to places I have posted about. I am also a terrible photographer.

This is all in my own opinion and done with a light heart, feel free to comment and be critical, all feedback is welcome!



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