The little French (now English and Afrikaans with some German) town, with one main road, one shopping center, and a few trams is the food capital of South Africa – how about that.

From Le Quartier Français, Maison, Foliage, Le Petite Colombe, Reubens, Le Lude, Le Petite Ferme, Cafe Bon Bon, and the list goes on. And those are just the restaurants, there are also 51 wineries in the Franschhoek valley, the easiest way to taste and visit some of them is without a doubt the Franschhoek Wine Tram.

The town is also immersed in history, being founded in 1688 by the French and then later the Dutch. Most of the farms have kept the original names, which were given to them by the settlers and named after the regions in France that they came from. These farms also still have the original Dutch farmhouses, which were built when the Dutch settled. A bit of a mix and match going on, but it works.

Anyway, the food is good and so is the wine – what more do you need.

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